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Our products provide organizations with intelligent scheduling and management tools that provide a cost-effective alternative to paper-and-pencil scheduling and performs in competition at the highest level with other high cost scheduling software products. In this slow-growth economy, everyone needs all the help they can get to properly align their staffing costs within their budgets but maintaining a level of required qualified staff.

Schedule-HR has the answers and solutions to your staffing productivity concerns – solutions that will help improve your company's performance even during challenging economic times. Our suite of products are designed to help your company plan, schedule, track, and analyze labor data in real time.

Originally designed specifically for companies operating 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, it has revolutionized the way scheduling can now be done for any operating hours in what can be a complicated, stressful, and a time-consuming procedure. Schedule-HR Software has taken all of the individual elements of your scheduling requirements and have developed an easy to use format that allows you to accomplish what might have taken hours or days into just minutes.

Take a few seconds and ask yourself the following questions:
ü Do you need to manage a wide variety of employees that are dispersed in multiple locations?
Do your schedulers need to request and fill shifts with additional employees, needs to create     additional workloads and additional assignments?
Do you need to integrate an automated management and control of the required shifts?
Do you need to generate or export in-depth schedule and individual reports these for administrative      purposes?
Do you need reports of employees worked hours for payroll or management purposes?

If you answered, “YES” to SOME of the questions, Schedule-HR Lite may be the scheduling solution you are looking for!

Schedule-HR Lite
is a lighter version of Schedule-HR Plus and is available at an affordable price for any size business.

This trimmed down version of our product gives you all of the core functionality at a reduced price. It is intended for individual corporate entities with departments or single department facilities.

Starting as low as $995.00 , Schedule-HR Lite is one of the most affordable and reliable professional scheduling solutions available. A cost-effective solution for the basic scheduling needs.

If you answered, “YES” to ALL of the questions, Schedule-HR Plus is definitely the scheduling solution you are looking for!

Schedule-HR Plus is a configurable solution that can be installed within a single department, an entire entity, or across a multi-facility enterprise. This single application solves problems from the highly developed intellectual staffing requirements, to the dynamic, up-to-the-minute needs for the Scheduler.

It provides a robust custom rules engine for applying payroll policies and accruals across your organization, and interfaces with other applications. Consistent application of pay rules and policies within your organization is key to controlling labor costs. This product can be complemented with our optional Plus modules.

Take a "Quick Tour Presentation” and check them out!

The most outstanding unique feature of our scheduling products is that the schedule is generated using our core built-in Automatic Intelligent-Staffing engine, and is capable of automating up to 100% of the schedule creation process, depending on the contract rule requirements, skill requirements, assignment qualifications and available resources. Our products also incorporate a built-in availability tracking system along with an employee fairness option for the client to ensure fair and efficient use of qualified personnel. The schedule is filled using a unique optimizing algorithm that fills open shifts in a manner to ensure the most qualified people are available on days where they are needed. These unique features translate directly to fewer grievances, a better working environment and a more efficient automatic filling of open shifts. Manual adjustments to a generated schedule can also inherit these unique algorithms.

Schedule-HR Reports
- Management level reports are available to help distil your data to a presentable form for all purposes. The data that creates each Schedule-HR report is available for export into many electronic formats; each organization can further manipulate the data to produce customer-specific reports and charts as well.

Schedule-HR products can also interface with other well known products such as Kronos® and ADP®. Also check out our system requirements.

Product Literature

Sometimes you just need to read it today! We have compiled our most popular literature here in digital format. We invite you to download and use these items to help with your research process. Download Acrobat Reader.

   Schedule-HR - Plus & Lite Benefits & Features

   Schedule-HR Plus - Product Brief

   Schedule-HR Lite - Product Brief

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